Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund, Northern Vietnam

Black-Shanked Doucs at Jungle Beach
Fauna and Flora International Vietnam, along with other partner agencies, requested my assistance in drafting an application to the CEPF fund, to provide conservation support to critically endangered primates at 12 sites in northern Vietnam.

The project was to provide training, capacity building and assistance to community based patrol teams living adjacent to the identified primate habitat.  Species included the Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey, Greater Crested Gibbon, Cao-Vit Gibbon, Red Shanked Douc Langurs, Francois Langur and Delacors Langur.

My role was to meet with project partners to discuss, compile relevant information and draft all submission documents for the project.  Subsequently the project has been approved and is currently in the process of implementation.

Click here for pictures of some of the primates involved; pictures include those from the primate rescue Centre in Cuc Phuong, they are shown for reference.  CEPF is about in-situ conservation.

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